Stylecrest Fabrics, Ltd. has been in existence for almost 75 years, and was originally located right in the midst of New York City’s bustling garment center. Today, most of this district has sadly disappeared, with Stylecrest and other well-known garment industry names either moving elsewhere or closing shop for good. But, the reason for that, however, is a subject for another story!

Stylecrest Fabrics recently relocated to Jersey City, NJ, but still continues to be a major source of the finest in natural and man-made fibers, a leading supplier of textiles to retail stores (heirloom, quilting, ready-to-wear), manufacturers, designers and costumers, and continues to maintain one of America’s most comprehensive inventories of cottons, linens, silks, brocades, satins, chiffons, organzas, taffetas, cut velvets, sequins, novelties and so much more.

Stylecrest’s success over the years can in part be attributed to our friendly and proactive service that has produced a sense of loyalty among our hundreds of customers across the USA.

Our sales department is always ready to assist you, either by phone, email, FAX, or Facebook Messenger! Our sample department will provide you with samples to meet your specific needs and our shipping department will insure prompt and efficient delivery of your purchases.

Most importantly, our prices cannot be beat. So, call us!